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Ost-West logistic poland


• Promotion of development of European transport connections

• Participation in the Luxembourg Rail Protocol

• Investments in construction and modernization of rolling stock and locomotives

• Liberalization and optimization of the transport market

• Participation in working groups of international organizations to support the development of rail freight


OWLP is an active member of different national and international organizations, among others:

Ost-West logistic poland

Support for the environment


• A high level of traffic safety and environmental friendliness
• High level of environmental safety of business and care for the environment


OWLP is a member of Rail Freight Forward – coalition of European rail freight companies that are committed to drastically reduce the negative impact of freight transport on the planet and mobility, through innovation and a more intelligent transport. The coalition has the ambition to increase the modal share of rail freight in Europe from currently 18% to 30% by 2030 as a better macro-economic solution for European growth.

Pollution from rail transport is much lower than from road transport

As a proof of intentions, the longest mobile artwork for climate protection - Noah's Train has been sent on a journey through Europe.