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Ost-West logistic poland

About company

Ost-West Logistic Poland, a rail freight operator in Eastern and Western Europe, is part of OWLN Group, founded in 1998.
The Group decided to establish a company in Poland in order to implement the OWLN’s mission in the fieled of development of pan-European rail connections». Ost-West Logistic Poland was established in 2019 and after successful application at UTK has obtained the status of a licensed rail carrier. In addition to the carrier’s license, safety certificates A and B, the company received the Entity in Charge of Maintenance accreditation according to EU Regulation 1158/2010, with the aim of active participation in the creation and execution of activities related to the maintenance of rolling stock, both our own and our customers
Ost-West logistic poland

Company's presentation

Acting as a railway operator, since June 2020 OWLP offers extended service packages to the clients. On the 21st of September 2020 the first train was successfully operated under the OWLP’s license.

Software development

  • CIS – Corporate Information System
  • InformPortal