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Ost-West logistic poland


The maximum range of services for rail freight transportation of any type of cargo


Cargo transportation in private wagon fleet and own rolling stock

Rail and spot transportation

Freight forwarding throughout the entire 1520/1435 domain 

Freight and Commercial Agent services

Immediate 24/7 notification about essential events regarding wagon and cargo


Shunting work

Organization of transshipment in ports


Traction services

Customs clearance for goods


Innovation activities and development of new models of railway rolling stock

Repair of locomotives
and wagons


Transhipment and organization of cargo storage in Poland

Ost-West logistic poland

Containers project

In 2023, OWLP purchased 80 pieces of new 20-foot High Cube bulk containers, which will lead to increased freight volumes for existing partners and create new opportunities for upcoming clients

One of the key directions of development in OWLP is container transportation. At the moment we have experience in international transportation of containers with grain products in the direction of Ukraine-Poland, well-functioning work with transhipment in ports, customs clearance and loading of containers at clients facilities. ​